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Brakes are one of the most important parts of your car; as such it is imperative that a qualified specialist carries out any repairs or replacements. Crocker Auto Service Centre has a team of mechanics that specializes in brake repair and brake replacement. They will fix your car promptly and hassle free at a cost you can afford and you can drive off with confidence in the knowledge that your car was in good hands.

You may want to have your brakes checked before a long journey or as part of routine maintenance, either way; Crocker Auto Service Centre can carry out a diagnostic brake inspection using state of the art equipment. The check will determine if any repairs or replacement brakes are required. Here is what you can expect from them:

• Original Parts For Optimum Performance
• Quality Brake Repair and Replacement Work You Can Trust
• Friendly, Fully Qualified and Experienced Mechanics
• Accurate Diagnostics For Quick, Clear Results
• Over Forty Seven Years Repairing All Vehicle Types
• Honest Services From a Family Run Business

Whenever you notice symptoms such as a spongy brake pedal, slow response, grinding or squealing during breaking, or a red brake dashboard light, you should have your brakes inspected immediately. The experts at Crocker Auto Service Centre take pride ensuring the safety of fellow local Upper Marlboro, MD motorists and will be happy to help.

Crocker Auto Service Centre in Upper Marlboro, MD understand the importance of your braking system and their brake repair specialists will be happy to advise you which parts of your brake system need replacing and which can wait. Enjoy a safe driving experience by having them inspect your brakes today.

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